Welcome to BackedBy:

On-chain creators, unchained monetization

Currently, a handful of companies own all online content, a model which is now outdated.

Welcome to the future of the internet, where you as a creator, own your own content and payment platform.

Blockchain makes it possible – BackedBy makes it easy.

Simple to Start: Never used crypto? No problem! It’s easier to set up than most credit card payments, but without processing fees! Create a wallet and launch your platform in under 15 minutes.
Keep in mind, your wallet can hold more than just currency-it can hold your entire business.

Your supporters pay you directly into your crypto wallet, which is converted to USD on a daily basis and paid to you. No more waiting a whole month or relying on other unstable types of crypto!

1% Contribution Fee: Other platforms bill as high as 33%! We offer the new lowest fee in the industry, and it’s not for profit. This covers upkeep, continued development, and supporting the community. Is there a feature you’d like to see? As an owner, you have a say in what gets added!

Own your Content: In addition to owning the platform, you own everything you create. Your intellectual property belongs to you, and you alone have full editorial control. Create what you love, not what the algorithm loves.

BackedBy offers:

No more ads

No more algorithms

No more gatekeepers.

No more exploitative fees

BackedBy encourages you, the creator, to do what you love, and let the on-chain business handle the rest automatically.

As a Web3 company, BackedBy allows creators the freedom to start their own content platform on the blockchain. We believe that creators deserve to be paid fairly, without having to pay outrageous fees to existing platforms. Blockchain offers the opportunity for a creator to share content on a custom platform, complete with payment processing and access control. BackedBy streamlines this process for a 1% fee, which is used for continuous improvement and development.

Our team is composed of engineers from around the world, each working hard to bring the BackedBy vision for blockchain technology into reality–centered around the creator and their backers. Such efforts remain ongoing as we continue to identify new ways to support creator growth, monetize content, and reach more people. We are thrilled to hear from YOU, so if you have any questions or comments, especially about opportunities to reach more people or get paid fairly, please [email protected]